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  • The Wet Tropics: Endemic Terrestrial Vertebrates of Australia's Wet Tropics
  • The Kimberley: Endemic Frogs, Reptiles, Birds & Mammals
  • Two Book Set
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Two Book Set - The Wet Tropics and The Kimberley


Product Description


Product Description

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These visually stunning books are a celebration of the unique wildlife found only within Queensland's Wet Tropics and Western Australia's Kimberley.  Endemic species are featured in full colour double page spreads, with subspecies and other notable animals included as short briefs.

In these books we showcase every endemic frog, reptile, bird and mammal found in these areas bringing up to date the list of unique animals of these regions, with collections of full colour photographs never before assembled in single volumes. Recently described species are included as well as updates on the status of others, making these the most accurate and comprehensive listings in print.

The Wet Tropics are bordered cardinally by four striking features: to the west the aridity of Australia's outback, the east the Coral Sea and to the north and south two outliers, Black Mountain and its granite boulders and Mount Elliot with its montane rainforest. Each of these two fascinating National Park curiosities house three endemic vertebrates a skink, a gecko and a frog - found nowhere else on earth. This pattern recurs throughout the Wet Tropics and in a megadiverse country this tiny fragment of ancient relictual rainforest stands out as the most biodiverse spot on this enormous island continent of Australia.

To the west the Kimberley is bordered by the Indian Ocean, to the north the Timor Sea, the south by the Great Sandy and Tanami Deserts and to the east the Northern Territory. It is a place of superlative natural beauty, a bio-diversity hot spot and a refuge for native plants and animals. The north-west Kimberley is the only place in Australia where no mammal extinctions have been recorded since European arrival.

These publications are a tribute to the photographers, biologists and folk who work there and a call to arms for conservation.


About The Author

Craig Ward has a passion for global biodiversity conservation.   He has led expeditions and carried out conservation research throughout Northern Australia, the Indo-Pacific and beyond for almost 20 years.  Craig is the director of sevare Pty Ltd, a bespoke expedition company which supports conservation and charities in remote and fascinating parts of the world.   Today he lives with his family in Tropical North Queensland and Singapore and embodies the eternal endemism© motto of “putting nature first.”