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​BLOG 1: THE WET TROPICS - December 2015

Posted by Craig Ward, December 2015 on

eternal endemism©

BLOG 1: THE WET TROPICS - December 2015

And so finally I have something to write about: in a year that began on Tasmania’s Cradle Mountain, featured nine countries before the middle of February, Manta Rays in Komodo, Crocodiles in the Kimberley and Polar Bears in Alaska perhaps the stand out event of a very busy calendar was the completion of our little book. Early in August we had the first ‘real’ copies of ‘eternal endemism© THE WET TROPICS’ in our hands. 

Our photo catalogue of every terrestrial vertebrate endemic to Australia’s World Heritage listed Wet Tropics was real and something to be proud of. Sure it had a healthy smattering of typos but on the whole, we had accomplished something to be chuffed about for a long time to come. Tim Hawkes had been taking world-class photos of Australia’s wildlife for years and had amassed an extraordinary collection of images of the herpetofauna of the Wet Tropics. Many of them had featured in the foremost wildlife texts printed in Australia, but our simple plan was to showcase them in glorious full-page colour. 

When Jonathan Munro offered his invaluable assistance and world-class photographs for the mammals and birds, we had a most viable project. In the end, we were indebted to many essential contributions from wildlife personalities around the Wet Tropics region, and when Sandy Davies took over the completion of the project, the cropping and typing would soon be history.

We enjoyed a semi-formal book launch early in November, and the support from the community and beyond was outstanding. There have been much appreciation and thanks, but as the year draws to a close, we say one more huge thanks to everyone who helped get the book into print and to all those who have lent their support. We are committed to forging ahead with the next elements in the series, and much work has already been completed on texts for Southeast Asia and Melanesia, but in the interest of bio-geographic symmetry #2 will be ‘eternal endemism© THE KIMBERLEY’ and will again showcase a full catalogue of endemic terrestrial vertebrates.

As the year draws to a close we lend our continued support to conservation and charity organistions around the world and our featured campaign is Wildlife Queensland’s SPOT THE QUOLL initiative. Check it out at Massive festive good wishes for December and wherever the New Year gets underway for you, I hope it is a superb start to a great year. My year begins in the Indian Ocean, and I hope to post something from Madagascar sometime in January. Thanks again and have a very Happy New Year.