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BLOG 9: 18 months of amateur photography

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BLOG 9: 18 months of amateur photography

This is the first blog for a very long time and the last of its type. We have been busy with many aspects of our little company, including distributing ee-the kimberley, running our trips and those for others and the development of a new website. This will be the last blog of this format. What a relief!

Nothing very imaginative about this offering, just a totally random collection of amateur shots taken in very special places. We are not great photographers but we are very fortunate to be able to access these remarkable places and witness such remarkable things. Like all of our work this is a tribute to the photographers, researchers, volunteers, scientists, amateurs and all those who record the natural world and who work to keep it and maintain it in a healthy manner for the benefit of all. Have a great 2018!

A pair of amorous green sea-turtles in the waters off the Lacepede Islands, in the Kimberley.


The mid-year spell in the Kimberley was as rewarding as ever and the second book, ee, the kimberley is being very well received, so a big thank you for all the support. A highlight of the 2017 season was these Humpbacks whales playing around our ship.

You know life’s taking you where you want to go, when you have pals with a 5m pet crocodile in their yard. Thanks to Adam and Erin Britton for some time with the amazing Smaug!

A short trip to the Whitsundays, reminded us how wonderful and yet fragile the reef is. We continue to support GBR LEGACY and hope you will too!

All of Santa’s reindeers were female. True google Reindeer ecology…

A little skiing to start 2017! There’s a jigsaw of the Matterhorn I understand…

The first big trip of 2017 was Melanesia but I am saving the images for another project. Then it was off to Costa Rica and Panama, thousands of images and some incredible subjects. Here is a small selection …

Proud Embera lady, Panama

Fort Lorenzo, Panama

Our second crossing of the Panama Canal – massive sea-bird colonies along the coasts of Coast Rica and Panama

Panamanian wildlife along the coast, great snorkeling and boating

Our second crossing of the Panama Canal

The animal we would all like to be - Three-toed sloths, incredible creatures

The animal we would all like to be - Three-toed sloths, incredible creatures

Kimberley wildlife, Croc gecko in the book and on the islands

More Kimberley wildlife, personal highlights of collecting the images for the book

Another spotlight is on The Kimberley, Like Nowhere Else On Earth. They do dedicated work throughout the region and have a strong voice on conservation in the Kimberley. Here is a grab from their site, and an important announment, but please visit and support as best you can. Thanks as always… 

Follow their link to the statement here:  

One of my favourite pics of the last few months - Christmas Island Giant Gecko, Cyrtodactylussadleiri.

- Enjoy the pics and enjoy the rest of 2018! Thanks for looking in, reading our work and trying to make a difference. See you at the new website…

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