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About Us

The eternal endemism© series of books are not intended as field guides nor are they destined for life on a coffee table. 

These books are companions for the reader, intended to induce excitement for these unique animals found only within one region on earth and to introduce the reader to the peoples and unique locations within some of the world’s megadiverse countries.

The wildlife books are accurate up to date and comprehensive photographic compilations of extant vertebrates in incredibly biodiverse regions, such as Australia’s Wet Tropics and The Kimberley.

Eternal Endemism The Wet Tropics:  Endemic Terrestrial Vertebrates of Australias Wet Tropics was the first of the Northern Australia series published in 2015, with its sister publication Eternal Endemism The Kimberley:  Endemic Terrestrial Vertebrates of Australias Kimberley Region published in February 2017.

These and other upcoming publications serve as a celebration of the species and peoples of these magnificent areas, the photographers and biologists who work there and a call to arms for conservation.

eternal endemism© …..putting nature first